Denisse Heriwell "Nova"

(Akim Milargo - Baccardi Heriwell)

Tsekin tuonti

Synt. 5.1.2013



This is a well balanced, beautiful young lady that have a big ego and showing curage and fightingspirit in all she does. Like her sister and older relatives she has a natural and good trackingdrives. Good strong and calm bite showing balanced prey and civile drives. I have big hopes for this young lady.

I also imported for customers one brother and one sister to Southern Finland, 

Kennel Escaflowne on myös tuonut samasta pentueesta Diesel ja Dasha Suomeen. Kennel Escaflownella on mahdollisuus käyttää Dasha ja Diesel jalostukseen.

Video of her father/ video isästä, Akim Milargo:

Nova 16 months old, May 2014

Nova 10 months old, November 2013

Nova 8 months old, August 2013

5 months old

Novas mother to the left and grandmother to the right

10 weeks old

Novan mummo, minä Novan kanssa ja oikealla Novan äiti